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  • Can’t say thank you enough to the people who support me everyday, celebrated the highs, stuck by my side during the lows and showed up when I needed them most...I am surrounded by the most eclectic yet genuinely loving group of people only one can dream of having by their side❤️ Ready for 2020 to focus on health, my family, my friends and coming back to work with purpose and 🔥. You have to fight through some bad days to earn the best days in life, but as we learn, difficult roads often lead to the most beautiful places📖🖊 #survivor #decade #newyear #family #friends 💫
  • Strength in numbers...I wake up this morning with a full heart and lots of hope. Just a few weeks after surgery and here we are. I wouldn’t be at this point I am today if it wasn’t for my family and friends who have stayed by my side and pushed me through this battle. Although I still have a long way to go, today is another step in fighting for a cure and beating this challenge. Not just for my family and I, but Today I walk for the amazing women I found strength and courage from during the past couple months of being diagnosed...they are survivors and have helped me everyday in someway to get up and fight through this...for them I’m forever grateful.💕 Josephine Ewanciw Brittany Foley Ginette Hindley Kristine Altamura Kathy Grabowski And in memory of Anne Marie Pacillo 💓 And to top it off...out of 324 teams in NY, we raised the 2nd most to ORMC (the hospital where I had my surgery). And that is a testament to all of you who give with your heart and l love you for it. 💕💕
  • This picture was taken last Tuesday before my surgery and as scared as I may have been, I was surrounded by love and support from the most amazing family, friends and medical team who helped me through one of the worst days. A week later, I’m home resting, recovering and getting ready to continue this battle. Cancer may have changed me but it won’t define me. There are good days and bad but the people in my life keep me going everyday and for that I’m grateful and motivated. 💓#cancerawareness #october #inthisfamilynoonefightsalone
  • Today may be the actual day, but my birthday celebration came a little early this year. I had an amazing couple days with my friends and family who came from all over to celebrate with me and remind me how full my life is. You don’t realize how fast one’s life can change until it does and what you think could never happen to you, happens. It’s been hard for me to even say or talk about because I still don’t believe this is real...I’m a little less than a week away from surgery but I feel strong and determined to get through this and be back to me. There are tough days ahead and life will be different but the one constant is the unbelievable people I have in my world who won’t let me give up or let me down, and because of that- I know I’m going to be ok. ❤️ They said, “If you fight this, like you’ve lived your life so far, it doesn’t stand a chance,” and I know that. Thank you to everyone calling, sending messages, and visiting- I’m appreciative and touched by the amount of support I have #family #friends #faith 🎀


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